Memories that Shines Even Brighter in the Future

Memory Index is an online system that connects memories
to the future.

It is a secured system used for online sales of photos taken at school events and weddings via the internet.
We started in Singapore, then to Malaysia and currently expanding with ASEAN as our center.


An online photo sales system with no introduction cost.

We will propose an individual plan that will cater for the customer's budget and demand. Our staff will provide support to help introduce the system so that you could utilize it at low cost and with confidence.


Proud achievements within ASEAN countries involving school events and other events photo shoots

From local to international schools, Memory Index is being utilized for various type of events. Our true achievement is the voice of satisfaction and joy that comes from many people in ASEAN countries.


"Moment" is preserved into shape, connecting memories to the future

In Memory Index, you and your partner's smiles do not have to fade away even after so many years. Not only for the present time, why not preserve treasured memories for many years to come?

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